Project Stay-In: Truancy Intervention Program

The goal of the Truancy Intervention Program is to serve K-12 students by providing early assessment, intervention, and remediation of the factors related to Chronic Truancy and to focus on keeping students in school.

In the state of Illinois, a Chronic Truant is any student subject to compulsory school attendance who is absent without valid cause for 5% of the previous 180 school days.

Students with attendance problems are eligible for participation in this program. These students may be referred to the program on the basis of their attendance.

Caseworkers work with chronic truants, their families, schools, and appropriate agencies to establish regular attendance, normal school behaviors, and academic success. The goal of Project Stay In is to aid students and their families in re-establishing regular attendance, normal school habits, and academic success. If attendance does not improve following intervention services provided first by the school and subsequently our staff, the student may be subject to truancy proceedings initiated by the Regional Office of Education. 

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Truancy Coordinators:

Fulton and Schuyler Counties
John Marshall
Phone: (309) 518-4148
Email: [email protected]
Hancock and McDonough Counties
Joy Pollock
Phone: (309) 575-3257
Email: [email protected]