Vision 20/20

As public educators, we believe public education works. We reject the premise that education in Illinois has failed but recognize its impact has not been equitably delivered to all student populations and that there are opportunities for continous improvement.

Evidence-Based Funding for Student Success

Below is a brief overview of how Illinois Vision 20/20's Evidence-Based Funding for Student Success model will transform Illinois' school funding formula to provide opportunities for all students to succeed.

21st Century Learning Center

The Illinois Vision 20/20 21st Century Learning Center on iTunes U is part of the ongoing school transformation work and welcomes feedback and suggestions to continuously improve these iTunes U course resource collections. This site currently contains high school course materials and resources for math, science, English, and social studies curated by Illinois teachers for the Vision 20/20 project.

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Policy Documents

 Vision 20/20 Executive Summary

 Vision 20/20 Policy Brief

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